Yonani’s latest invention, the VeneerPro-Rock&Roll! (Patent Pending).


This saw has been designed to cut difficult stones - very small to large, no matter what shape and will take care of the bulk of unsafe and labor-intensive chop saws.


Also, 2 Rock&Roll's will produce more than 1 thin veneer saw with the same footprint, labor cost and a similar capital investment. Each compartment of the magazine can accept stones as large as 14x12x12” and will work excellent with bricks as well. The operator is loading and unloading the stones continuously as the magazine turns.

MultiPro-400XL CornerPro

The new MultiPro-400XL CornerPro is another unique creation by the Yonani design and innovation team. With its options for a flat and/or corner bricks, plug & play installation & high versatility, the MultiPro-400XL CornerPro is the best decision for your company!

VeneerPro-Viper-Vibration Technology

This machine was created for better cutting and longer blade life! This is because of more cooling water getting to the cutting area with the very slight vibration fence keeping the stones freely moving by a single belt. Only one belt needs to be replaced periodically.

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Ceramics & Marble Tile / Baseboard. High Production!! Over 4000 liner meter baseboard per shift (7cm High)!




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